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That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m doing it.

For the past few days I’ve realized that my shitty luck with these guys on SA, SD, SD4M, etc. is partially due to the website themselves. The membership isn’t very selective and some of their design layouts are pretty whack *cough* sugardaddie.com *cough*. I find that these particular issues act as a hindrance of finding serious SDs. Okay, well maybe the website design may not have a direct correlation of the number of serious SDs vs. phony salties that join the site. But you get the idea.

With that said, I came to the decision of creating my own SD/SB website as a start-up. Because well shoot, I’m currently pursuing a degree in computer science at an Ivy League. So why not take advantage of the tools and knowledge I gained so far as well as the networking opportunities on campus?  

That way I can:

a) Use this as a learning experience in start ups, which is pretty crucial in the computer science field anyway

b) Help myself find a SD

c) Help YOU FELLOW SBs find SDs

My key plan to make this all possible is by implementing strict guidelines for men applying for membership, such as:

a) Background check (similar to the one on SA, except it will me MANDATORY on my site)

b) Photo approval (perhaps having to scan/fax a copy of their driver’s license/passport in order to verify that the photos in their government-issued IDs match the photos they wish to upload on their profile. However, they will still have the option of not publicly displaying photos on their site if discretion matters to them)

c) Monthly membership fee (perhaps charge a higher monthly fee if they do not feel confident proceeding with option D)

d) Proof of income (scan/fax recent W2 forms)

All required submitted documents will not be publicly displayed of course, and will only viewable to the admins for membership approval. Not bad, eh?

SB applicants will be exempt from options B, C, and D. I’m still considering whether (option A) a background check on SBs should be either mandatory or optional at an additional charge (kinda like how SA currently offers)

Quite frankly, I plan and hope that my SD/SB website will stand out from its competitors because of the elitist value and exclusivity it will carry. Remember when lookbook.nu required photo submissions and an application before getting membership back in the day? It’s going to be a bit like that. Unlike other sites, the SD applicants are required to go through a rigorous process before granted membership onto to the site. I am hoping this will show that the men attracted to the site are serious SDs and not broke losers trying to scam girls. 

Anyway, I would kindly appreciate any suggestions or general comments on my idea! I would be more than happy to hear of any features you would like to have that current SD/SB sites don’t offer!

If Mark Zuckerberg and particularly Brandon Wade can do it, then so can I. It is finally time for a female to step up to the platform and remind them this is our playing field ;)

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